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Cognitive dissonance: Kenyans, their love for Obama and opposition to his liberal message

I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don’t contract them.
– Barack Obama

Kenyans… most of us claim to be staunch (read conservative) Christians and Muslims, which is why I find it interesting that we support Obama (somewhat a liberal) unreservedly to almost a man, but I understand why: we love politics of ethnicity like that, we extrapolate our politics globally like that.

Now a few of us, pricked by their conscience no doubt, would have rather Mitt won, this is because they disagree with Obama’s decision to be the first president to “support” gay marriage, as well as to put a condition that Africa ceases discriminating against LGBT communities as a precondition for aid. Well let me try to put this into perspective and, in so doing, try to make everyone sleep better knowing they root for “our boy” even though the positions Obama holds clash with their own.

I think choosing an LGBT lifestyle is a matter between two consenting couples and their God. As a matter of fact it is misleading to simply say Obama demands “acceptance of homosexuality”, the correct way to look at it is that America demands that African countries agree to stop discriminating against people on the basis of sexuality, the same way we stopped discriminating on the basis of sex, or race, or creed.

I am not comfortable with homosexuality, I don’t want to see men kissing in the streets, I definitely would be very distraught if a child of mine turned out to be gay; but do I want to see this child jailed?, do I want to see this child live condemned and shunned or even facing death by a frothing self-righteous mob, a mob probably made up of adulterers and coveting hypocrites who forget the bible condemns their sin in the ten commandments itself? I mean if we are going to make homosexuality and lesbianism criminal because it goes against our beliefs, why isn’t adultery, coveting, speaking God’s name in vain, etc, criminal as well?

Where does one draw the line between their personal beliefs and those of others. Where does personal choice end and state law take over? Where does a country tip over from secular to religious? We might think these things don’t matter because we who share a certain faith are a majority at the moment and can speak almost in unison; but what if the tables were turned and we were not? What if we were in a situation like they have in northern Nigeria where it is Sharia law for everyone? What if we were in a communist state where religion itself is outlawed outright? What if someday homosexuals outnumbered us and voted to ban straight relationships? What if….

I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger


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With a police to civilian ratio of 1:600, the Boss demands more than two bodyguards!

“Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”  ~ Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), The Godfather Part III

If there’s anything biographies and movies have taught us about real life kingpins; it is that underground hitmen that go by names such as “Mad Dog” Coll, “Machine Gun” Kelly, “Matty the Horse” Ianniello, “The Snake” Persico or “Trigger Mike” Coppola”, etc, do not shoot and miss. It is like when a maasai moran warns you “Mimi nikitoa kisu yangu haitarudi bila damu” or you’re warned in the miraa farms of Kangeta “Nitakukata na hii panga”…. It is not a warning, it is a fact, one you’d do well to heed if you’re not a fan of masochism.

So back at home it seems we’re on the world narcotics map with the Boss’s name having come out of Obama’s lips, but even while I’m none the wiser as to the validity of the claims of how much weight is being pushed out of Kilome; suffice is to say that if you can get your former driver to get around in a custom made H1 Hummer and campaign using a $1,000/hour chopper, then clearly you’re either of two things: an alchemist who has discovered the “philosopher’s stone”; or overseeing a golden goose as the purveyor to pharmacists with a limited inventory

That is why something isn’t adding up in this so called attempt on the Boss. Apparently “unknown gunmen sprayed a vehicle belonging to Mwau with bullets on City Hall Way on Thursday night, ten days after he claimed his life was in danger.” If these were something more than clueless gunmen, one would think they would not randomly shoot in the middle of the city and next to parliament when they weren’t even sure who was or was not in the car. If Akasha, he who would slap the Mombasa OCPD and pistol whip him with a chrome pistol, was taken out by somebody on a bike, then for sure more than one person of equal intent would not be expected to make a move and at the end “the two occupants escaped unscathed” and even more, only one cartridge was found at the scene.

For once I support the the police who have cast aspersions on the veracity of the claims of two employees of the Boss, they have thus asked that they record more elaborate statements because preliminary investigations show that “considering the points of entry and exit of the bullets, it was not possible that no one was injured”, which of course means it is possible this was staged.

Then this allusion that Obama is after his personal wealth and consequently the boss’s life is in danger is clutching at straws literally, really? When you consider that just three of the richest people in America have as much wealth as the total annual income of the poorest 48 countries, I find it highly unlikely that any real, or imagined, wealth the Boss might have would interest America or add any value to their wealth, I mean there are billionaires across the border in Mexico with their own personal armies that should prove way much more of an incentive if a wealth grab was the issue.

Besides, everybody knows the war on drugs is a joke which the US has no intentions of ending or even waging effectively, in fact  Just recently on June 2011, the United Nation’s Global Commission on Drug Policy released a critical report on the War on Drugs, declaring “The global war on drugs has failed”

As for the demand that government accords him extra security, didn’t I just read that there was a driver and a bodyguard in the car? Don’t all Mps have a bodyguard provided at our expense?, plus most legislators have an extra bodyguard because their drivers are almost invariably former or serving policemen. In any case the boss can surely afford to hire private security; this can’t be too much for one who left egg on the two-faced VPs face by airlifting dozens of councillors to the Middle East. Isn’t the Boss the very same person who during the Moi era offered to bring piped water to his constituency and single-handedly finance the project out of his considerably deep pockets?

Maybe our local bosses can borrow a leaf from Mexico where bosses are building their own battle tanks: 

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Should Mwau be proud that Obama counts him among global kingpins?

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
June 01, 2011

Letter from the President on the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act

June 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Chairman:  (Dear Madam Chairman:)
(Dear Representative:) (Dear Senator:)

This report to the Congress, under section 804(a) of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, 21 U.S.C. 1901-1908 (the “Kingpin Act”), transmits my designations of the following seven foreign individuals as appropriate for sanctions under the Kingpin Act and reports my direction of sanctions against them under the Act:

Manuel Torres Felix (Mexico)
Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza (Mexico)
Haji Lal Jan Ishaqzai (Afghanistan)
Kamchybek Asanbekovich Kolbayev (Kyrgyzstan)
John Harun Mwau (Kenya)
Naima Mohamed Nyakiniywa (Kenya)
Javier Antonio Calle Serna (Colombia)



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The class struggle in Kenya: since Obama Snr.’s death, what has changed really?

“Kenyatta said to Mr. Obama: “Because you cannot keep your mouth shut, you will not work again until you have no shoes on your feet,”

Often so much attention is focused on Barack Obama, the President of the United States, that little is ever said of his father, Barack Obama Snr. However, the late Obama Snr. himself was a very remarkable person, in his own right, albeit with a penchant for the finer things in life; chain smoking, white women and braggadocio. It is not intention however to dissect his life as a person, but rather to put back on the radar his thoughts on Kenya’s economy two years after independence and compare that to today. His musings are erudite, as one would expect of an Obama, and are presented here verbatim as an excerpt from a paper he wrote in 1965, and for which he was sacked and rendered a pariah, as a result of which he sadly died a broken man, given to alcohol and hopelessness.

The paper that led to his tribulations was in some sense a call for a Kenyan version of socialism as opposed to the wholesale form of cliche socialism that was being peddled in the name of African socialism. The crux of Obama Snr.’s argument was summarised in this statement that he wrote: “The question is how are we going to remove the disparities in our country, such as the concentration of economic power in Asian and European hands, while not destroying what has already been achieved and at the same time assimilating these groups to build one country,”

He further expounded: “One need not be a Kenyan to note that nearly all commercial enterprises from small shops in River road to big shops in Government Road, and industries in the industrial area were mostly owned by Asians and Europeans. One need not be a Kenyan to note that most hotels and entertainment places are owned by Asians and Europeans. One need not be a Kenyan to note that when one goes to a good restaurant, he mostly finds Asians and Europeans, nor has he to be a Kenyan to see that the majority of cars running in Kenya are run by Asians and Europeans. How then can we say that we are going to be indiscriminate in rectifying the imbalance? We have to give the African his place in his own country, and we have to give him his economic power if he is going to develop”

For this views he was summoned and summarily dismissed by the then President thus: “Kenyatta said to the Old Man that because he could not keep his mouth shut, he would not work again until he had no shoes on his feet,”

It is my belief the profound questions posed by the late Obama Snr are still relevant today and should give us a benchmark by which to put into perspective how far we have or have not come as a country in terms of economic integration and equitable spread of opportunity.

Does the generation of today, well read and informed, but a majority of whom are either underpaid, overworked, underemployed or unemployed, feel the dismissal of Obama’s train of thought (considering that he was then a senior government economist who had trained at Harvard no less) was justified? Have the degree holders actualized their dreams? Do they have access to ownership of any means of production?

PS. It is necessary to point out that Obama Snr. was not really an ingrained socialist/communist lackey, his views were contrary to the accepted African traditional socialism — the sort Tanzania had tried with ujamaa–, which stressed communal ownership of major means of production and sharing of fruits of collective labor, so expended in production, to the benefit of all. His views in the same paper advocate issuing of land title deeds and private ownership of land which is itself a crucial means of production.

Link to the full paper as written by Barack Obama Snr. here:

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