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Value of a news anchor’s teeth: 20X that of a skilled cameraman apparently

The reporting of news has to be understood as propaganda for commodities, and events by images.  – Christopher Lasch

Citizen TV will, allegedly, pay the recently returned Janet Mbugua KShs 803,000 monthly to read news (having already paid a reported KShs 5 Million to buy her out of her contract in South Africa).

They are already paying Lilian Muli-Kanene a reported KShs 255,000 a month.

This figures far exceed what they pay the guys who actually go out there (and sometimes risk their life and limb) to find news, record it and write it up for these “eye-candy” presenters to simply read it with a plastic smile or parade fat women trying to lose weight in a country where half the population is underfed.

I can only speculate what they pay the Kasavulis and Belinda Oburas, but I suppose it must be less since it is obvious the MILFs are being told rather directly that their time as the face of news is reaching a rather dreary sunset. The irony is that these older folk probably need the higher pay more as they face early retirement, the threat of redundancy or a return to the museum of local presenters once known as VoK. (In fact Tom Mboya and Njenga need some of that loot to buy better fitting suits if you ask me)

Maybe that’s why Citizen have come back with season II of the “Tazama Chapaa” ponzi scheme to cover for these harebrained pay decisions.

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