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Ladies, forget Ojigbani, there’s hope….. in China that is

Global Times: “abductions and trafficking of women were “rampant” in areas with excess numbers of men, citing the National Population and Family Planning Commission.”

A study from three year back showed that a bias that favours male offspring over females has left China with 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls, this is creating “an imminent and imbalanced generation of excess males (who will have a hard time finding partners). In fact, in about a decade, China will have something like a 40 to 60 million deficit of women, and this, of course, will have enormous implications for China’s prostitution industry and for the menace of human trafficking.

“When a son is born,
Let him sleep on the bed,
Clothe him with fine clothes,
And give him jade to play…
When a daughter is born,
Let her sleep on the ground,
Wrap her in common wrappings,
And give broken tiles to play…”
~ Ancient Chinese “Book of Songs” (1000-700 B.C.)

So with that sort of traditional attitude and with the Beijing government’s “one child per family” leading to gendercide they are looking at 40 to 60 million men who have no women to date or marry (which could get worse if some of the already scarce women chose to be lesbians or nuns…)

If I was a woman, desperate for a companionship and in dire straights right now, in the search for a man, I might have considered a one way ticket to the cities of 广州 Guangzhou, 上海 Shanghai or 北京 Beijing (with a combined population of over 85M) and look for Mr. Right, or Lee for that matter.


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