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A baptism of fire for Peter Kenneth

Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Peter Kenneth, the guy Miguna Miguna says he’d put in charge of beauty contests in the county, is a funny guy; either that or very naive, or both. He’s written a formal letter complaining that Nairobi Governor nominations aren’t free and fair, hahaha….

So this man gets into a contest for arguably the most lucrative job in Kenya (besides the presidency) with two of the most battle hardened, crude, unscrupulous, and recalcitrant Jubilee mandarins in Nairobi and then he expects it will be a clean fight? What is this guy smoking? He thought nominations in Nairobi would be a smooth affair like chomping on an aromatic Habanos Cohiba cigar while lounging on the terrace of his mansion in Runda as a flute of Chateau Margaux wine percolates on his quartz topped table? What a joke.

This is Kenya, and Nairobi is the capital city that’s inhabited by the toughest of the lot: the status quo operatives, the pharmacists without chemists, and the wheeler dealer tenderpreneurs that supply air to the City Council, they run this joint. There’s no Madam Head of Civil Service to hold anyone’s hand here, bedroom bully credentials won’t count, you’re on your own. This is a fight to the death and rules don’t apply. This is Sonko and Doctor Bishop territory, straight out of MKU and St. Paul’s Universities with two year degrees without ever attending class; this is jailbird space and your opponents have already earned their stripes, with Mike having already done time at (and escaped from) Shimo La Tewa, and Doctor Bishop cooling her heels at Parklands Police Station cells as we speak. This is blue-collar roll up your sleeves and pop your collar work, it requires people that have lived by their wit and balls before and amassed wealth by taking food out of the mouths of babies by either the sword or the word; white collar stroke of the pen chicanery like the sort that brought Kenya Reinsurance to its knees won’t work here.

You’re in the throes of the very contest that made Baba Yao throw his hands up in exasperation and decide he’s better off retreating to face Don Kabogo in Kiambu. You’ve been thrown into the pits of the coliseum my friend, and there’s no escape, you’ll just have to grapple with these baby powder producing and “the seed” eating street fighters.

Like Johnny Vigeti of Kalamashaka rhymed in Punchline Kibao
“Zinedine Zidane, starting line up ya Real Madrid na hiyo inamaanisha huku hutoboi kudai number
Plus striker wao ashachoka, ako hoi anadai sub- ha!
Ni mambo na ku-mark territory, kwa hivyo ma-doggy za mitaa zingine hazikojoi mitaani hapa
Kuifanya iwe ngumu kwa huyu jamaa wa yoh-yoh ku-buy manga”

Besides, I’d have thought having been in Starch and all that, PK must have heard of the George Bernard Shaw quote

“I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

Welcome to Nairobbery Muthungu wa Gatanga, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere


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They front religious, but their heart is empty. Like a televangelist preaching out of his bentley

Pampered televangelists, in their bespoke suits, praying for the death of those they count among the sheep; seeking divine help to expedite the orphanhood of children, who are innocent and whom christians are called to become like if they are to see the very kingdom that their– the preachers– constant plugging keeps them in fuel guzzlers and heavenly mansions; cursing in prayer and pronouncing afflictions on wives of men who obey orders and enforce law as a duty. What a shame that we have come to this.

“I ruku musupuu, I ruku muyang’i, I ruku musupuu” ~ Apostle James Ng’ang’a…

First off all, you’re not an apostle:

apostle: n    noun. 1    (Apostle) each of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ. Øan important early Christian teacher or missionary. 2    a vigorous and pioneering supporter of an idea or cause.

Then a so-called tolerant and forgiving man of the cloth goes in with this vengeful curse of a prayer: “Wanawe na wawe yatima, na mukewe awe mjane, kutangatanga na watangetange wanawe kama machokoraa, na kusihi kusikose siku zote katika hiyo nyumba mtu atakaye kuwa anaokwa na damu siku zote”

So this is the gospel we preach in Kenya now? Is the church above earthly laws that they can disobey city council by-laws and then pray for the death of those who enforce them? And then they wonder why they are no longer taken seriously by any right thinking person, as is clear from the crushing defeat at the constitution referendum (where they tried to throw in the usual bogeymen of Islamic law being forced on Kenya, women being given abortion on demand and homosexual and gay marriages being legalised), I also hope they lose their ridiculous attempt to block the ascension of Willy Mutunga to the helm of Kenya’s judiciary with their feeble family values excuse that is based on nothing more than an ear stud.

Looks like we forgot that Jesus taught that we should: “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

Here’s a clip of the Church’s demolition and the “Bull’s Eye” segment where they spoke curses against the city council employees:

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