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We’re now being told the Standard Gauge Railway is a “feature” through the Nairobi National Park… WTF!

“This park isn’t attracting proper income, but this feature (#SGR), will change the narrative”
~ Atanas Maina, Kenya Railways MD


So Atanas Maina, Kenya Railways MD, had the nerve to go on national TV and proclaim that the Nairobi National Park isn’t attracting ‘proper’ income, and that passing a: noisy, polluting, animal movement impeding, eyesore of a railway through it will improve things? WTF!
A railway whose passing through the park has been opposed by anyone with sense is to be now considered a “feature” in a game park according to Atanas? The hell! I’m just wondering if the park will start to bring in ‘proper’ income on completion of the Standard Gauge Railway since apparently more tourists and other Kenyans will start to visit the park in larger numbers to see rumbling trains and take photos of massive concrete columns?
Jamaneni is this even for real? I mean, if the issue is the supposed value addition to our country’s infrastructure that the railway is planned to be (itself debatable), would this value have been lost had the railway bypassed the park?
People like Atanas, who I assume is no fool given he is managing a company, need to understand that the value of everything isn’t always equivalent to money it generates or selling price (something I am being made aware of everyday whenever I question the point of exotic white weddings 😉 ). This park isn’t just any other piece of land to be appropriated at will in a race to spend the Chinese debt we are continuously accumulating with grandiose steel and concrete developments. The very developments whose inflated budgets we are paying for through the nose as experts warn us of the likelihood of their becoming white elephants.
Do we not realize the animals in this park have every right to a peaceful existence in the tiny habitat we’ve carved out for them and which we are now planning to grab? Do we not remember this fauna once roamed free in the entire Nairobi and coexisted with the Maa community who it seems understood more about conservation then than we do now with our doctorates and our modernness.
But what do I know; I am sure I will be reminded that human beings, the whole 7,000,000,000 of us who are killing the planet with our breeding and feeding, have a right to live that wild animals do not because we were “promised dominion over animals”. I have no idea if dominion includes driving other species to extinction, or even if dominion means seven billion homo sapiens deserving to exist more than thirty thousand lions.

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