ICC: Wrapping my head around the contradictions….

When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears, when right conduct is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder. ~ Lao Tzu

Help me understand these conflicting reactions and existing conditions in light of PEV and confirmation of charges against four of the Ocamp0 6:
1. GEMA/PNU leaning friends are angry that charges were confirmed against UK and Muthaura, not because they believe in either’s innocence but because “he is our man”
2. URP/RV friends are angry that charges were confirmed against WR and Sang not because they believe in either’s innocence but because “he is our man”, but are happy that Kosgey is off the hook also because “he is our man”
3. Both groups are happy that the main “our man” from the opposing side isn’t off the hook, but yet the main men are in an alliance of shared interests against the “other man” who ultimately be blamed for ICC’s actions.
4. Both camps pray to God to get their men off the hook. The very same God that shivering IDPs pray to for justice everyday.
5. Are all IDPs genuine former landowners/farmers? Reason I ask is if they can identify the land taken from them, shouldn’t the government have the responsibility to resettle them on those very lands and provide security and programs to create cohesion? (or at the least ask those occupying these lands illegally just what kind of lawless land they think can allow one to settle on land that they took by force). Otherwise if the government resettles IDPs in “friendly” areas, doesn’t that vindicate criminals who evicted fellow citizens while also making it the government’s responsibility not to provide security but, rather, to demarcate safe areas based on ethnicity. What good is that for a country seeking cohesion and/or claiming to uphold laws.


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  1. #1 by Moses on January 24, 2012 - 1:36 pm

    Its just a matter of time before this chest thumping by Kibaki’s government comes to an end

  2. #2 by Sam on January 24, 2012 - 6:00 pm

    I almost have no words.If you go to hospital, then get admitted, then get admitted to HDU, by the time they are taking you into ICU, you must be a fool to keep insisting “I’m as fit as a fiddle”.Anyway, what I am happy about is that after the news break yesterday, save for a limited caball, many Kenyans went back to their daily struggles of keeping body and soul together.

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