Qatar world cup: taxes at work. Kenyan MPs: we won’t pay & we’ll impede general tax collection too…

“Death, taxes and depression: three things you can always depend on”… unless, of course, you’re a Kenyan MP, then you can try to block collection of taxes while refusing to pay up your share of the very source of revenue that you’re paid from.


To my utter dismay, but not to my surprise; the whole band of shameless looters, thieving oligarchs, spawn of despotic strongmen, land grabbing crime family representatives, mindless stooges and ass-kissing nincompoops, that comprise our legislature, have now banded together to not only refuse to pay taxes on their largely undeserved emoluments, but have also decided, in a move no more ludicrous than slitting one’s throat because you want separate the head from the rest of oneself to spite your body, the porcs égoïstes now plan to hit back at KRA by amending the taxation law so as to deny the revenue body up to 200 billion shillings in collection (you’d think KRA commissioners collect the money to pay for their own drinks, concubines and yatchs, as opposed to paying for public services and the untaxed salaries the numbskulls on Parliament road enjoy). What a joke; if only it wasn’t so tragic and with far-reaching effects on this struggling banana republic.

Now that there is no point belabouring what is common knowledge, that our so called leaders are nothing but selfish, self-serving, greed infested, voracious opportunistic carnivores; I thought I’d take a break from my rant (since I might as well be preaching to the choir in respect to my fellow suffering hoi polloi, while expecting a shred of decency and consideration from the Mps is an act of pissing in the wind), instead I thought I’d post stunning images of what taxes are doing for a desert country (granted they have oil, which Nigeria and Sudan have too by the way) at Qatar prepares to host a world cup. As for the Kenyan MPs, what a bunch of clowns!

  1. Doha Port Stadium in Doha . T o be built. Expected capacity: 44,950

  1. And here’s how the stadium, designed by Albert Speer Partner, will look from across the Harbour

  1. Al-Gharrafa Stadium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity: 44,740

  1. Built in 2003 and currently with a capacity of just 25,000, the Al-Gharrafa Stadium will require significant redvelopment to achieve the vision below

  1. Al-Shamal Stadium in Al-Shamal. T o be built. Expected capacity: 45,120

  1. The stadium’s shape derives from traditional fishing boats known as ‘dhow’

  1. Al-Khor Stadium in Al-Khor. T o be built. Expected capacity: 45,330

  1. To combat the searing heat, air conditioning units will be installed in this and all of the other stadiums

  1. Umm Slal Stadium in Umm Slal. T o be built. Expected capacity 45,120

  1. The stadium is located in south eastern Qatar , albeit just 40 miles from Doha . It’s shape bears similarities to a nearby fort that is one of the most important landmarks of Qatar, T he Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

  1. EducationCityStadium in Al-Rayyan. T o be built. Expected capacity 45,350

  1. Following the World Cup, the stadium will be downsized to 25,000 seats for use by the University hockey team

  1. Access to the stadium will be made easy, even for people travelling from Bahrain , which is only 51 minutes away by high-speed rail

  1. Khalifa International Satdium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity 68,030

  1. Al-Wakrah Stadium in Al-Wakrah. T o be built. Expected capacity 45,120

  1. Home to Al-Wakrah football team, the current stadium only holds 20,000 fans

  1. Al-Rayyan Stadium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity 44,740

  1. The exterior of the stadium features a membrane that will act as a screen for projections and advertisements

  1. QatarUniversity Stadium in Doha . T o be built. Expected capacity 43,520

  1. Of the six stadiums based in the capital, Doha , the University Stadium will be marginally the smallest

  1. SportsCity Stadium in Doha . T o be built. Expected capacity 47,560

  1. A bird’s eye view shows how the stadium draws inspiration from traditional Arab tents

  1. Lusail Iconic Stadium in Al-Daayen. T o be built. expected capacity 86,250

  1. The showpiece stadium and venue for the World Cup final, the Lusail Iconic Stadium will be a masterpiece of engineering. T he stadium will have a near circular footprint and will be surrounded by a vast moat

  1. “Reflecting Dohas culture and heritage, the stadium is designed to be highly energy efficient and capable of performing in extreme summer climatic conditions,” say the designers



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