Students beware; expect more than Juice when you party with the big boys

The host served juice, and the partying went on well until someone in the group produced an alcoholic drink, described by the source as “hard stuff”, possibly a description of spirits, and moved round the room pouring into glasses.At this point, Ms Keino is reported to have protested, saying her faith did not allow her to be in such a gathering

So it comes to pass that the MP who was in this party that left a University Student dead has been named by the Daily Nation as the Juja MP, no surprises there since twitter has been abuzz with the supposed identity of the man in question ever since the news of this tragic death occured.

What bothers me most is the photo of the deceased’s spouse standing stoically next to her father at the funeral.

Did he know about this alleged partying that was going on in luxury apartments? If in deed as we’re being told that this was a staunch christian girl who would never have willingly taken part in the debauchery that was to ensue in the 27,000 a night gateway; just who are the evil friends that decided to pimp her knowing very well she would resist the amorous advances of those in the party who are said to have been on “hard stuff”?

What will go through her boyfriend’s mind when he sees a certain photo (pulled of and widely circulated on twitter, and the veracity of which has not been verified), allegedly of the late girl and the man in question in a compromising state of undress?

This is a very sad mess, one that could have been avoided if only this girl had known what company she was in, if only she had run as fast as he could as soon as she saw who the folks at the party were since these are hardly the kind to be confused with the sort of man who gets his kicks from drinking plain fruit juice.


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  1. #1 by michael on June 28, 2011 - 1:12 pm

    I don’t buy this theory of innocent girl goes to an orgy party only to discover that there were drinks and rich perverted men…. This Uni girls know that they are invited to these parties because they are beautiful and that they may have to make out with these men in exchange for money, gifts, etc… its that sick in campus today!!!

  2. #2 by nyathira on June 28, 2011 - 2:23 pm

    The decease went to a party unknowingly for new recruits. She didnt know who would be there, she didnt know she had been drugged. She was killed because they knew she would spill the beans.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on June 29, 2011 - 12:25 am

    Wesley, no wonder your blog is called wesleyrants.
    Your ‘headline’ is very judgemental.
    Like so many commentators on the internet, you are very ignorant. Why act so naive? It’s not just about the alcohol….This was a ‘sex party’ even one James Muchiri confessed in the news that ‘the women were there to entertain the men as they did business’. These parties have become the in thing. I’m guessing she protested all this, hoping to get away she bolted, they pulled her back. She fought them but they came back for her (according to the news) She ran as fast as she could but they caught up with her….later she was dead. What happened there, who knows?

    Now imagine that is your sister, your mother. Alone, afraid & running…then killed. Would you still say, if only she had run fast enough from this people? Has it not occured to you that she did try to get away?…..I must admit, that is what hurts me the most in your rant.
    Apparently she was taken there by a family member, a relative, a cousin. This is not just about watching the company you keep-this was a relative, someone she obviously trusted. This doesn’t add up as one of those uni gals gone wild kind of stories as some media houses & blogs are trying to make it look.

    I admire her & respect her for she seemed to have died holding on to her dignity & principals. When a man/woman says NO….IT’S A NO!

    Sadly many women & men who are commenting on her story on different sites are giving in to their bosses, lecturers everyday because if they don’t they will loose their jobs, they will not graduate, all sorts of excuses….How about if your life is at risk, what would you do? Mercy paid for it with her life. (At least that’s what I see from the news)
    But ignorant, foolish people think it was about the alcohol, all that altrecation for her to drink?..why you must ask yourself. P.s: Drunk, intoxicated people who were previously unruly don’t go out & sit quietly. Neither do they run when being chased. It’s against human nature! That’s why I doubted the intoxicated version from the word, go!

    And assuming her boyfriend knew she would be partying, would it make a difference that she was deceived as to why she was there?-She didn’t want to be there otherwise she wouldn’t have fought so hard breaking glasses n all!
    This is not entertainement….others are calling her a gold digger/slut (other sources, not this blog) yet we don’t even know half the story. But what we know, she was murdered & so coldly at that.
    *As for that photo only God knows whether it is real or not. The truth is his, he will reveal all.
    God rest her soul, let the truth be known & please grant the family peace and comfort.

    • #4 by Wes on June 29, 2011 - 2:54 pm

      No need for name calling and throwing out words like ignorant and what not. I’m not thrilled that a girl with a future has ended up so, I however think it is not wrong to advice any young person out there to watch the company they keep, including relatives. If these people who invited this girl to the party knew she doesn’t drink or party that way, why did they do it? Why create a scenario that leads to exactly the confrontation it led to? Then the people who attended the party that have come forward claim the girl was drunk and hence disorderly which is why she was arguing with the MP who found her distracting as he discussed business. The pathologist. also says there was a high alcohol content in her blood, which means she either took it willingly or was forced to take it, either way me and you are none the wiser and can only hope the truth will be squeezed out of those with first hand accounts of what too place.

  4. #5 by nyathira on June 29, 2011 - 4:36 pm

    Wesleyrant(s), there are many versions. I dont know what to believe anymore. I should ask Kabogo.

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