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Stay healthy for just Shs 40,000…. how nice!

Before Zawadi 2929 and Kwachu mamilioni, there was the BioDisc, said to have healing powers and ability to energize/hydrolize water so that it is better absorbed by the body.

Gullible Kenyans (and other folks around the globe) were told you that after you buy the so called  BioDisc for a ‘mere’ Shs 40,000, you were supposed to be in this big company business. A pyramid style marketing where you have to find people to buy the product in order to earn commission from it. The company is named An internationally known company.

The thing is, is it all just another fraudulent scam. Although I have personally tested the product, and yes it does make salt less saltier and orange juice less bitter when put on top of the disc for a few moments and stirred anti-clockwise.

Those people who try to dupe you into buying it say loads of stuff; Biotech and Nanotech made it, from loads of different minerals. More efficient than Japan’s hot spring. Approved in Japan, Germany and Singapore. PROGNOS certificate is awarded to every single piece etc etc.

The chairman if the company, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran (Malaysian) is wanted by interpol for a fraud case involving over 90 million USD.

Contacting Schott AG the apparent manufacturer reveals that there is no patent or copywrite on the Biodisc anywhere on this planet, and therefore no confidentiality agreement is possible.

The reply was simple enough …it was manufactured by Schott (they could not tell me if it still is because it is not a regular production item and IS ONLY MADE ON RECEIPT OF AN ORDER, WITH PAYMENT). The Disc is manufactured in the Architectural Division, it has no relationship to suggestions by some that it is made from the same materials as the space-shuttle windscreen (more rubbish from idiots). Besides the physical dimensions, asthetic design and finish, there is ONLY ONE TECHNICAL ORDER ON THE MANUFACTURING INSTRUCTION, THAT THE GLASS IS NON-REFLECTIVE.
It is not even a special order request as Schott have this glass listed as a standard PRODUCT with its own order number. When purchasing the disc from Schott, you give the quantity required, the design brief (or CADCAM files) and select the glass type from their catalogue.

The import document to countries that then receive this order states ‘ ARCHITECTURAL GLASS MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY.

The reason glass is selected and not some other material is because there are no special fees or delays in shipping like there would be for porcelain (customs need to XRay) metal(production cost is much higer than glass), wood is again more expensive to manufacture and wood also has special requirement in customs that might cause additional expenses for the importer. Also Wood cannot be referred to as ‘NANO ENGINEERED’ AND YOU CANNOT SUGGEST AS EASILY THAT IT HAS 13 ‘MAGICAL’ EARTH ELEMENTS.

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Ugandans chose to walk, what are we doing besides whining?

At this rate, we might soon hear a new catchphrase from street boys: “Cocaine…… Because its cheaper than sniffing petrol”

I know it is easier to blame the government for all the taxes they load onto petrol – and the other notorious sin tax goods – but is it really that simple? Obviously, I also loathe the narrow mindedness of KRA who have not seen the need to broaden their tax base, but I question the honesty of other players in the whole oil and transport business.

Think about this: If, for purposes of this little weblog, we assume a 40 seater bus does 12Km to a litre and the average distance from town to a typical estate is 24Km; buses would then use about 2Litres for a one way trip. So if fuel prices go up by 10 bob, the total increase in cost per trip for the PSV bus is 20 bob, yet every passenger is charged an extra 10 bob, as a result of which the conductor collects an extra 360 bob and blames the government. Passengers say nothing and blame the government too.

Even with the argument that, due to traffic jams and time wasted waiting for passengers, buses end up using twice the amount of fuel than would be average for cruising, the increase in cost to the PSV is, at most, about Shs 50; how can this justify the extra Shs 350 to Shs 1,000 the PSVs make at the passengers expense?

PS. This is the same warped logic used by Bars: KBL increases prices by Shs. 5, and this in no way affects the running costs of bars, yet instead of said Bars passing on just the Shs 5 extra cost to consumers they add their own Shs 5 to 15 so that beer prices then go up by Shs 10 to Shs 20. Then we blame KBL and the government.

Ultimately the consumer pays the extra cost and with it a hefty increase to the margins of service providers in the transport industry, yet the same idiots, like Kimutai of Matatu Welfare association, have the nerve to come on TV crying crocodile tears about how they will be forced to pass on the extra cost of transportation to consumers, as if it pains them to make extra cash at the poor commuters expense while pointing the finger at the government and oil companies.

Wake up, the matatu and transport industry thrive on these fuel increases, they probably pray for them seeing how much of a windfall they bring their grubby hands. In fact you’re better off taking the train to work than handing over your money to the gloating hypocrites in the matatu industry.

PS. If you drive a personal car and find a difference in your daily expenses of Sh. 50 to Sh. 100 to be unbearable, am sorry to inform you that you actually can’t afford to operate a car in the first place. Not saying fuel prices should be arbitrary, just pointing out the fact most Kenyans who own cars shouldn’t actually own them.

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The Loliondo wonder indeed; Prezzo’s Uncle outed….

A trustworthy and well-travelled friend sent me a message 4 days ago and I decided to hold onto it while trying to verify its veracity, which I have now done.

Here goes: A Mr. Lukindo, who works for the intelligence services of Tanzania, has intimated that Tanzanian authorities believe Ambikile Mwasapile, of the Loliondo miracle cure fame, is actually a Mr. Hezekiah Gatarakwa Kinuthia from Karatina.

Interestingly Mr. Gatarakwa, who also just happens to be a maternal uncle to Jackson Ngechu – popularly known as Prezzo, is registered by The pharmacists and poisons board of Kenya as a herbalist, and even further was reported missing from his village, 2 years ago, to the Makutano Police station.

Here is a link to the documents showing Gatarakwa’s links to Makini Herbal Clinic, which has had a long established business in Tanzania, and the police missing person’s report: