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Exec sleeping with subordinate staff 2.0: Drama at SwiftGlobal

Tell us why you’re mad son….

Seems nowadays it’s getting extremely hard for a Kenyan man to get ahead in their career in the corporate world if, at all, they have to compete with female co-workers who are willing to do just about anything to get a job, a promotion or fringe benefits. (I suppose this might have been the case even in the past, but we just didn’t have social networks or new media to air it out)

In these realm, qualifications count for nothing (unless the qualifications refer to ability to suck-seed). Yesterdays it was Airtel; today an Exec at a major ISP is being put on blast by a frustrated employee….

From: Sgk Pissed []
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 5:51 PM
To: ****
Cc: ***; ***;
Subject: WAKE UP MR. CEO

One wonders, just what kind of a leader you are. You are concentrating
on frustrating hard working employees and rewarding the lazy idiots.
We have been asking for a pay rise and the only thing you are good at,
is telling people” FUCK YOU!!!!!, if you want a pay rise the door is
there”. Swift is not your family’s personal workshop. You ought to
treat people with some dignity. Since your mission seems to be getting
rid of all Sgk staff, why don’t you just fire them? No, you can’t
because you are such a coward.

Why is Okutoyi still getting a salary of 200K plus yet he’s an Ex-SGK
staff working for a competitor – a fact you very well know, have you
told the directors this? Just what is your interest in SGK? There’s no
money to give a pay rise to people who truly deserve it but there’s
for people who are never even there? They go for weeks without showing
in the office yet the network is having issues. Our network problems
have multiplied in the last few months with no one to resolve because
the chief is away working for the competitor. Did you ever stop and
think that the network issues that have grown in leaps and bounds
could be a case of sabotage by the competitor this guy is working for?
And isn’t it tantamount to fraud to pay someone salary yet he is never
in the office?

You are never open to challenges or questions, anyone who tries to
question your ways is out. You sit and gossip all day long with some
bunch of idiotic women that you have surrounded yourself with. All you
do is gossip with sub-ordinate staff. Instead of concentrating on the
core business of the company you are too busy engaging in cheap office
politics that don’t add value and screwing young girls who are young
enough to be your grandchildren. Aren’t you ashamed Maureen is too
young for you, or are you justifying it with the fact that you pay her
by bringing her to Swift with no papers and promoting her to be your
PA? Why would a form 4 dropout be promoted to the position of PA to
the MD? Surely, even an idiot can laugh at the joke!! Does it mean
that no other Kenyans are qualified enough to take up this position? I
thought this was a serious position that required someone mature and
educated? And who are these ex-waitresses who are now account
managers? What do waiters really know about ISP business to be account
managers? The least they could do is to get in to the system and
understand the business isn’t that right Mr Jiwa?

You are not meeting major clients who want to talk to you and reassure
them that their issues are being resolved? Unga churned while trying
to meet you. When they realized that you had no interest in talking to
them. They had no option but to churn. Account managers ask you to
meet certain clients and what’s your usual reply?………. Tell them I am
in South Africa while you sit your bum in your office; doing what? You
never meet the clients and whenever they ask for a meeting you always
pretend you are out of the country. Why? Are you afraid to meet the
clients? Aren’t you supposed to be our face to the client if no one
else can resolve their issues?

Since you came to SGK you have never brought any single client to the
company yet you claim to be the acting CCO. No single sale brought, no
client salvaged by you all you do is abuse staff and tell them to

You have surrounded yourself with Chiefs without due regard of the
company’s performance. Why are we having all these chiefs when the
company is doing so poorly? Isn’t it logical to cut down on costs when
the company is not doing well?

I would have told you all these on your face but
…………………since you are never  open to challenge you would
have told me,** FUCK OFF** you are fired!


Mr Naguib, you have lost the mandate to lead this company and the best
thing you can do is to resign go home and retire in peace or just
“FUCK-OFF” at least I can borrow something from you! You just can’t
hack it!


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Airtel CFO loses his job despite buying a gold-digger a house!

Now this is just ridiculous…., not only does this junior worker at Airtel write like somebody in lower primary, she also sounds like a jilted lover when all she really was is a jump-off who didn’t know to play her position.

Unfortunately, a man has lost his job over this BS; granted he has himself to blame for being unable to control his, clearly,  insatiable desire. You be the judge of whether the whatever good time he had with this self confessed gold-digger was worth the loss of such a powerful position in a blue-chip company:


From: Juliet Okoth <>
To: ***
Cc: ***; ****; ****; ****; ***; ****
Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 7:53:23 PM
Subject: Airtel Kenya breaking news.

I had to copy widely because this is an issue of great concern and for the good of the company action needs to be realized. One rotten apple can not make the whole basket of fruits be discarded! At Airtel Kenya today reports have been going around about how Hari Krishnen the Finance boss has been sleeping with ladies before giving them jobs or even promoting them in Finance.
Until today I thought I am the only girlfriend because everyone had know we move. Why I am disgusted and thought of revealing this is because last month he requested me to abort his pregnancy and he bought me a house at upmarket Nairobi and he promised me I will be the only lady. Today Airtel was awash of stories whereby one of the ladies in Finance being associated with Hari is known to be HIV positive! I sincerely don’t know what to do now because I had even collided with my boyfriend because of Hari.
I hereby thought of requesting you to advice the company to be wary of this sex pest. I had to write anonymously for fear of reprisals and again I also will request my mother to advice on what to do. I am not able to report to the manangement of Airtel Kenya because they side with Hari. Infact one time all his managers in Finance resigned protesting his favouritism of a lady female manager and despite the management knowing they didn’t warn him. I asked him about the issue and he told me he will stop. He actually stopped because the lady manager was transferred. However again he started moving with the lady manager who replaced that one! Since I just wanted money I decided to share him with her. Now that its public knowledge he has ladies all over the company and one is HIV positive I decided to let the cat out of the bag. Its a shameful act sincerely and this guy should be stopped from spreading the disease. am even fearing to go for a test! The talk is that Indians came to Kenya to make babies and this is destroying the good name of other Indian Airtel staff. This is disgusting!


(Update: A second woman has come forth, the story is the CFO has been forced to resign and the official story will be that he has gone to pursue his own personal interests)
Dear Yves,

I know there are so many ladies suffering in silence and I have
decided to bring this to the limelight for corrective action to be
taken before its too late and the issue erupts in the media denting
the company image. Hari is a bull on the rampage and he has been
sleeping with ladies especially in Customer care and marketing
promising them jobs in Finance and after satisfying himself he starts
taking one around. I have slept with him several times promising me a
position for a temp lady in Finance whose contract was to end last
month but apparently instead of giving me the job he ended up
confirming the temp lady because he has been sleeping with her. On
further inquiry I do understand he has been sleeping with Finance
ladies and promoting them. There is a huge fight between a lady who
used to be his PA and after it became so open that they were sleeping
he transferred her to Marketing and now thelady wants to fight some
other three ladies in Finance who are sleeping with Hari. In customer
care he has promised other 4 ladies transfer to finance as well after
sleeping with them. This must be stopped urgently because its too


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Permutations: ICC, UN Security Council and Kenya’s Grand Coalition

“The only time politicians tell the truth is when they call each other liars”

If you have been surprised by -the master prevaricator- Kalonzo’s bid to insist on going on what appears to be an ill-advised junket to, supposedly, lobby  the UN Security council to grant Kenya (or is it PNU?) a deferral from the ICC process in what seems to be a futile mission (The US and UK will most likely remain adamant in their opposition to such a move, though whether they will actually veto the move rather than simply abstain from or vote against is a moot point), then wonder no more…. It is apparent that the bid to go the route of the UNSC as opposed to simply seeking deferral from the ICC itself is a calcultated move that is based on a game of chances and implications.
You see If the a local court indicted those implicated by Waki/Ocampo 6 then the GoK would have a strong case for deferral at the ICC since they would actually have shown they have started making moves to mete out justice, but such charges would then confirm to the ICC that the six, among others, have a case to answer. On the other hand, if they take the gamble that ICC pre-trial judges will, hopefully, acquit the 6 for lack of enough evidence, then our judiciary would later on argue that a reputable court, which it will be convenient to call the ICC at that point in time, has already cleared the six and hence they can’t be charged again locally (call it a recourse to some form of double jeopardy). Indeed they, read those with the real power, can then go ahead to charge a totally different set of persons (no prizes for guessing who is first on the list).
PS. If the leaked wikileaks cables from Ranneberger have any credibility then I highly doubt that, as a person, Kalonzo would actually like to see Ruto and Uhuru acquited or their case deferred; consider that this is the same man who was trying to get Kibaki out of the way by trying to influence Dubya to prevail on him, Mwai, to step down in his favour based on this, probably misguided, notion that the Central vote would just fall right into his indecisive lap. The very same man was thinking his days in KANU as a Nyayo waterboy guaranteed the Rift Valley was in his back pocket. Opportunism at its worst.
PS. I also doubt the push for the ICC by ODM/Raila is entirely based on a genuine desire to see justice done as opposed to getting a smoother ride in 2012, opportunism at its best. The difference, however, is in the fact that those that now live under the constant fear of joining Charles Taylor in his quarters behind bars at the Hague brought this on themselves; they and their minions, after all, refused to support the formation of a local tribunal on at least two occassions. I also cannot buy this hogwash that Raila has enough influence to dictate to Ocampo the persons to finger and when to name them and even go further and control when judges at the ICC issue summons, that is just plain ridiculous.

This is not checkers, this is a chess endgame being played out….

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Stealing is not only good, it’s the only way….

Nothing is original. Steal from everywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.

Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows.

Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic.
Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent.

And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it.

In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

Stolen from Jim Jarmush

picture was stolen too.....

“Stealing from one person is called Plagiarismstealing from many is called research” (stolen quote, natch)

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