Why are we acting shocked that the CJ was chosen by tribe?

The two principals

Shock! So we come to find out that the two principals decided to trash the recommendations of their own advisers and agreed to simply appoint their own people, indeed the only reason the issues came to the fore was because of a disagreement over who would be the Chief Justice: Kibaki President preferred Justice Kihara Kariuki, but the PM wanted Justice Riaga Omollo.

But that shouldn’t shock anyone who has followed the workings of Kenyan governments in the past and present, Moi basically made his appointments with a heavy ethnic bias and, even worse, no consideration for qualification. Kibaki on the other hand, as a sampling of the list below will show, has appointed a lot of qualified people many of whom, however, either just happen to come from his neighbourhood or were appointed with an ethnic bias. That is why the fact the two principals wanted their tribesmates to head the Judiciary was something I had expected all along.


Chief Justice: Justice Gicheru

(In-coming AG-Githu Muigai)

Solicitor General, Muchemi Wanjuki,

Deputy Solicitor General, Muthoni Kimani,

Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ndung’u,

Deputy registrar-general, F M Ng’ang’a,

Registrar General Bernice Gachegu.

Minister: Saitoti (also known as Kinuthia) –

Permanent secretary – Kimemia

CID Director – Ndegwa Muhoro

AP Commandant – K. Mbugua

Commissioner of Police Matthew Iteere,

GSU boss Munga Nyale

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe

NSC – Peace and Conflict Management Mr. S.K. Maina

Government Printer: Andrew Rukaria

Senior Director Administration/Internal Security: E. Mutea

FINANCE MINISTRY (Controls Finance, Banking, & Economy in general)

Minister – Uhuru Muigai

Permanent Secretary – Joseph Kinyua –

Pensions secretary – Anne Mugo

ERD director – Kenneth MwangiD/Finance secretary – Mwirichia

Controller and Auditor – General; Priscilla Njeri Komora


Governor-Prof. Ndungu

Dep. Governor – John Gikonyo


Commisssioner General; Michael Waweru

Board Secretary: Mrs Ngang’a

Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement:Mr Joseph Nduati

Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Namu Nguru

Deputy Commissioner, Administration: Mr Karimi

Deputy Commissioner Procurement: Ms Murichu.

Commissioner for customs services: Mrs. Wambui Namu

Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): Ms Githinji

Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Ms Wachira

Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO)-Mr Njiraini.

Deputy Commissioner: Mrs Mwangi12. Senior Deputy Commissioner,

Finance: Mrs King’ori.

Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: Major Kariuki.

Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: Wagachira.

Commissioner of Investigation & Enforcement; Joseph Nduati

MD; Stephen Gichuki

General Manager Finance; John Thumbi

General Manager Marketing & Business Development; Lucy Mbugua

General Manager Information & Communication Technology; Anthony Wachira

General Manager Security Services; Stanley Mutungi

Head of Corporate Communications / PA to the MD: Dominic Ngigi

Head of Procurement & Logistics: Allan Muturi


MD- Gichiri Ndua


Assistant Minister: Nderitu Muriithi

Chairman of the National Standards Council, Karanja Thiong’o

Permanent Secretary in my Ministry, Karanja Kibicho

Chairman of the Board: Eng. Geoffrey Ng’ang’a Mang’uriu –


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer; Joseph K Njoroge

Company Secretary; Laurencia K Njagi

Chief Manager, Energy Transmission; Sammy MuitaChief Manager,

Commercial Services; Rosemary K GitongaChief Manager,

Distribution; Benson MuriithiChief Manager, Planning, Research and Performance Monitoring; Eng. Raphael Mwaura


General Manager: John Mruttu

Finance Manager: Reuben Ndinya.

Human Resource Manager: Martin Wahome

Engineering Manager: Charles Nguyai.


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  1. #1 by mututho on February 9, 2011 - 12:42 pm

    very sad and now the suspect is choosing his prosecutors

  2. #2 by Goadnski on February 9, 2011 - 1:16 pm

    stop hating….most of these jamas have been civil servants b4 their appointments and in most of the cases nobody was overlooked in their appointment

    • #3 by Wes on February 9, 2011 - 2:09 pm

      no no no, you’re getting me wrong, no one said these people aren’t qualified, the point is it paints a very bad picture in terms of probable reasons, besides having the right credentials, for getting appointed. Also the reason I have Kibaki’s appointments up is because they are current and hence easy to compile with minimal effort, I could put up Moi’s and they would be no different, Raila’s staff is similarly full of his people but most are unknowns to the man on the street.

      My problem is that our leaders do these things and we, supposedly learned people, always see it as an attack on our tribes if this is pointed out.

      And if you’ve seen today’s paper you’ll see that their aides in the so called consultation say they were ignored and Kibaki and Raila only disagreed because the president wanted Kihara and Raila wanted Omollo. But you see Visram was a smokescreen afterall, it would have looked especially bad if Kibaki had appointed both Kihara and Githu I think.

  3. #4 by msema ukweli on February 9, 2011 - 2:54 pm

    if you made a list of the top Luos or Luhyas or Kalenjins in government the list would look very similar to this. Heby try to list the top 100 officials in the PM’s ministries then we can start seeing the truth.

    Else you can get the top 100 officers at KRA then we can see who is telling lies

    • #5 by Wes on February 9, 2011 - 3:46 pm

      I have neither the time nor inclination to put up a list of all employees just to prove a point that I can. It should be obvious that any such list would be lengthy and boring, so why can’t the aggrieved do a list of say how many Giriamas are in top positions in ministries or how many kales during Moi’s time, after all my point is that presidents tend to staff government disproportinately. I also hear Mzalendo’s cohesion commission is doing such a comprehensive list and so we can both be a little patient. BTW: a similar list has in the past been put up in local dailies.

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