Us versus Hon. Murugi; who has lost their mind?

Imagine a world of peace professing a homogenous religion and ruled by a Revered priest with unquestionable authority. On the first day of February he gives a state of the globe address that goes something like: “I had a vision from God that I should collect all those suffering communicable diseases that have no cures and isolate them in a certain city for the good of collective humanity”

Then imagine a planet ruled with an iron fist and straddled, by a heartless dictator, like the mythical colossus. One dark day the despot orders the arrest of all those with communicable diseases and their being sent to a prison in Siberia to await a Zyklon B shower in a massive gas chamber.

Both scenarios would probably rid the planet of incurable and deadly conditions that promise to torment man well into the future and beyond. However, one is clothed in divine inspiration and the other in ruthless inhumanity. Yet both serve the same purpose.

Now imagine a third scenario in which the same cause of action, as that of the universally trusted priest, is taken by, or even alluded to, by a pragmatic leader. Uproar and indignation is sure to follow. But why?

I find it amusing, in a dark sort of way, that a majority of us are led by our so called religious morality and ethical outlook to firmly believe in imprisonment for prostitutes and people who are not straight, yet we are outraged by a suggestion of putting human beings in quarantine. Didn’t lepers in the past live on the fringes of the city? Don’t we quarantine patients suffering from ebola, MDR TB and other highly contagious infections, just because a particular communicable infection is long term but none the less just as serious, if not more devastating, we are afraid to confront the possibility of quarantine?

It is no one’s wish, and it’s certainly not mine, that anybody should suffer an incurable condition, neither is any of us immune to falling victim to ravages of a virus that we are unable to snuff the life out of. So what choices do we really have of confronting a silent killer that spreads stealthily amongst us and has no cure?

PS. If we think this isolation is not covertly taking place, consider that you require testing to enter or get work permits in certain countries including Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and, until recently, the United States.

Why is Hon. Murugi coming under such fire for what was an honest, and frankly pragmatic, opinion?







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  1. #1 by sam akhwale on February 1, 2011 - 9:44 am

    I think she just has her own very unique outlook to life which she won’t change no matter the protests.

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