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Mang’u is missing, Maranda is 4th…. Raila must have dictated the KCSE results too


Nothing makes me happier, considering Alliance High School is my alma mater, than seeing Mang’u High School and Starehe Boys Centre missing from the top ten in the just released KCSE results.

People often wonder why Busherians are so fiercely loyal to their school even decades after they have left Kikuyu. I guess it is something you have to live to understand, I have no way to explain this to somebody who is outside looking in but the best I can do is say the school mentors leaders who are taught to be strong to serve. I am supremely grateful that my application to switch high schools from Bush to Mang’u fell through.

Starehe boys, on the other hand, stole the whole busherian swag, from the morning work to preps to punishment parades and run with it, it’s always a pleasure to show them who wrote the script. Even worse for them, they have been beaten by their newly founded sister school, Starehe girls.

PS. I also noticed other than Kibaki’s Mang’u missing, Raila’s Maranda is 4th

So here goes the list of schools and their ranking:
1.Alliance High School
2.Precious Blood Riruta
3.Bahati Girls
4.Maranda High School
5.Alliance Girls
6.Moi High School Kabarak
7.Moi Girls Eldoret
8.Kenya High
9.Starehe Girls Centre
10.Strathmore School

Still number 1


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Threat of the Muslim Brotherhood was a ruse! It’s about Money

One of Mubarak’s excuses for not stepping down from power was the feeble excuse that the country would be left rudderless and prone to succumbing to the extreme Muslim Brotherhood and their agenda to turn Egypt into a theocracy. Of course this has not happened. I believe that I can’t be the only person wondering what is it about leaders in the developing world and a knack to hang onto power even when they have neither the vitality, international propping nor the popular mandate to govern. So I did a cursory search on the web and came up with startling motive for these despots to refuse to walk away.

You see, according to conservative estimates by banking and finance experts and investigators, the fortune amassed by Egypt ’s former president and his two sons (both billionaires) is in the region of $70 billion. These includes funds in secret offshore bank accounts and investments in residences and real-estate properties reaching from Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills to Wilton Place in central London and Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheik tourist resort.

Since Mubarak has been president for 30 years, he has accumulated that little fortune in record time at something like $2 billion or more annually. He and his family are now worth approximately two and a half times the gross domestic product (GDP) of Kenya, four times the gross domestic product of Paraguay, five times the GDP of embattled Afghanistan, and more than ten times the GDP of Laos.

Hosni may be the richest man and they the richest family in Africa and among the richest on earth. All this happened, incidentally, in a period of time in which millions of Egyptians – at least one in every 10 – lost their farms, whith more than 40% of Egyptians living on less than $2 a day.

Even worse, the Egyptian military, according to one expert, owns “virtually every industry in the country,” and it still raked in in excess of $35 billion in “aid” from Uncle Sam in the past three decades.

Former head of intelligence,

The fall of Mubarak

Omar Suleiman, appointed Vice President by Mubarak just days before his own ouster, has been in charge of the prisons of Egypt which hold an estimated 6,000 to 17,000 so-called dissidents and other prisoners of conscience, as well as holding suspected terrorists in Bush’s Global War on Terror; this was the man Obama expected to oversee a transition to “democracy”

And then we wonder why our African leaders hang onto power to their very last breath….

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Why are we acting shocked that the CJ was chosen by tribe?

The two principals

Shock! So we come to find out that the two principals decided to trash the recommendations of their own advisers and agreed to simply appoint their own people, indeed the only reason the issues came to the fore was because of a disagreement over who would be the Chief Justice: Kibaki President preferred Justice Kihara Kariuki, but the PM wanted Justice Riaga Omollo.

But that shouldn’t shock anyone who has followed the workings of Kenyan governments in the past and present, Moi basically made his appointments with a heavy ethnic bias and, even worse, no consideration for qualification. Kibaki on the other hand, as a sampling of the list below will show, has appointed a lot of qualified people many of whom, however, either just happen to come from his neighbourhood or were appointed with an ethnic bias. That is why the fact the two principals wanted their tribesmates to head the Judiciary was something I had expected all along.


Chief Justice: Justice Gicheru

(In-coming AG-Githu Muigai)

Solicitor General, Muchemi Wanjuki,

Deputy Solicitor General, Muthoni Kimani,

Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ndung’u,

Deputy registrar-general, F M Ng’ang’a,

Registrar General Bernice Gachegu.

Minister: Saitoti (also known as Kinuthia) –

Permanent secretary – Kimemia

CID Director – Ndegwa Muhoro

AP Commandant – K. Mbugua

Commissioner of Police Matthew Iteere,

GSU boss Munga Nyale

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe

NSC – Peace and Conflict Management Mr. S.K. Maina

Government Printer: Andrew Rukaria

Senior Director Administration/Internal Security: E. Mutea

FINANCE MINISTRY (Controls Finance, Banking, & Economy in general)

Minister – Uhuru Muigai

Permanent Secretary – Joseph Kinyua –

Pensions secretary – Anne Mugo

ERD director – Kenneth MwangiD/Finance secretary – Mwirichia

Controller and Auditor – General; Priscilla Njeri Komora


Governor-Prof. Ndungu

Dep. Governor – John Gikonyo


Commisssioner General; Michael Waweru

Board Secretary: Mrs Ngang’a

Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement:Mr Joseph Nduati

Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Namu Nguru

Deputy Commissioner, Administration: Mr Karimi

Deputy Commissioner Procurement: Ms Murichu.

Commissioner for customs services: Mrs. Wambui Namu

Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): Ms Githinji

Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Ms Wachira

Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO)-Mr Njiraini.

Deputy Commissioner: Mrs Mwangi12. Senior Deputy Commissioner,

Finance: Mrs King’ori.

Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: Major Kariuki.

Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: Wagachira.

Commissioner of Investigation & Enforcement; Joseph Nduati

MD; Stephen Gichuki

General Manager Finance; John Thumbi

General Manager Marketing & Business Development; Lucy Mbugua

General Manager Information & Communication Technology; Anthony Wachira

General Manager Security Services; Stanley Mutungi

Head of Corporate Communications / PA to the MD: Dominic Ngigi

Head of Procurement & Logistics: Allan Muturi


MD- Gichiri Ndua


Assistant Minister: Nderitu Muriithi

Chairman of the National Standards Council, Karanja Thiong’o

Permanent Secretary in my Ministry, Karanja Kibicho

Chairman of the Board: Eng. Geoffrey Ng’ang’a Mang’uriu –


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer; Joseph K Njoroge

Company Secretary; Laurencia K Njagi

Chief Manager, Energy Transmission; Sammy MuitaChief Manager,

Commercial Services; Rosemary K GitongaChief Manager,

Distribution; Benson MuriithiChief Manager, Planning, Research and Performance Monitoring; Eng. Raphael Mwaura


General Manager: John Mruttu

Finance Manager: Reuben Ndinya.

Human Resource Manager: Martin Wahome

Engineering Manager: Charles Nguyai.

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Us versus Hon. Murugi; who has lost their mind?

Imagine a world of peace professing a homogenous religion and ruled by a Revered priest with unquestionable authority. On the first day of February he gives a state of the globe address that goes something like: “I had a vision from God that I should collect all those suffering communicable diseases that have no cures and isolate them in a certain city for the good of collective humanity”

Then imagine a planet ruled with an iron fist and straddled, by a heartless dictator, like the mythical colossus. One dark day the despot orders the arrest of all those with communicable diseases and their being sent to a prison in Siberia to await a Zyklon B shower in a massive gas chamber.

Both scenarios would probably rid the planet of incurable and deadly conditions that promise to torment man well into the future and beyond. However, one is clothed in divine inspiration and the other in ruthless inhumanity. Yet both serve the same purpose.

Now imagine a third scenario in which the same cause of action, as that of the universally trusted priest, is taken by, or even alluded to, by a pragmatic leader. Uproar and indignation is sure to follow. But why?

I find it amusing, in a dark sort of way, that a majority of us are led by our so called religious morality and ethical outlook to firmly believe in imprisonment for prostitutes and people who are not straight, yet we are outraged by a suggestion of putting human beings in quarantine. Didn’t lepers in the past live on the fringes of the city? Don’t we quarantine patients suffering from ebola, MDR TB and other highly contagious infections, just because a particular communicable infection is long term but none the less just as serious, if not more devastating, we are afraid to confront the possibility of quarantine?

It is no one’s wish, and it’s certainly not mine, that anybody should suffer an incurable condition, neither is any of us immune to falling victim to ravages of a virus that we are unable to snuff the life out of. So what choices do we really have of confronting a silent killer that spreads stealthily amongst us and has no cure?

PS. If we think this isolation is not covertly taking place, consider that you require testing to enter or get work permits in certain countries including Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and, until recently, the United States.

Why is Hon. Murugi coming under such fire for what was an honest, and frankly pragmatic, opinion?






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