2012 Raila’s superior endgame and the bungling KKK

In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not in PNU…

It is hard to bring up Raila’s name in any discussion without turning the exercise into a convolution; one in which we can barely distinguish between fore planned events and strokes of luck, machinations and coincidences, demagogic charades and heartfelt positions based on real principle. The man has played his cards unusually close to his chest regarding the draft constitution and everyone at the table should by now be really worried if he might be concealing an ace in the hole.

Highlighting recent developments in the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution’s discussions will serve to put things in perspective at this juncture:

  • The MPs opted for a presidential system where a strong presidency is checked by Parliament and Cabinet ministers are appointed from outside Parliament.
  • Devolution will be at two levels, national and regional governments with 18 regions being created.

Admittedly these agreements are about as bland as our dullard MPs can be expected to come up with, but what should raise eyebrows is one unexpected turnaround by the niggly ODM brigade that has all along demanded an executive led by a Premier shadowed by a ceremonial President.

Now negotiations between egotistic politicians, which ultimately have a bearing on an unrepresented voting proletariat, are multivariate by nature and outcomes are often in a twilight zone. It is not immediately clear how a unanimous decision to go for the same old Imperial Presidency was reached, what is clear is that one Agwambo is chuckling as he sips on his vintage JDub Blue Label wherever he might be; what with the polls showing he is miles ahead of the rest of his weak-ass contenders for Presidency, what with the gullible PNU MPs duped into endorsing the same old “One centre of power”, what with the beguiled public applauding and lining up behind the “saviour” of the Mau complex.

The endgame is in sight and the floundering KKK alliance’s strategy is still unclear in light of what appears to be Raila’s latest coup (no pun intended), that is unless the KKK KANU turncoarts from the one party ancien regime engage in the last elections skulduggery and abuse of suffrage. Well, Ocampo might even make fewer the choices (choices indeed!) that KKK might have come 2012 by whisking a few elements away to grin behind bars. And that might not be a bad thing for them as it might save them the humiliation of having Raila hand their ass to them at the polls, which is as well, when you consider that conservatives incapable of defeating Raila on the battlefield of ideas have taken the battle into the sewers where they have the homefield advantage.


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  1. #1 by Musa on January 26, 2010 - 8:34 pm

    Hi Wes
    I like what am reading and your whole elucidation on the Kenyan politics at large (Given that this is the drama we eat and breath as Kenyan politics).
    Just a clarification on the pure presidential system of governance. Am meant to believe that the mongrel presidency which we have today has been toned down drastically. The psc have trying to redistribute the powers that went the executive to other government branches and institutions, almost close to the American model.
    Am note suggesting that our western counterparts have the best system, am of the opinion that we need to make our system work for us (wanjiku). All systems are pregnable, we just need to provide some armour.

    • #2 by wes699 on February 15, 2010 - 1:48 pm

      The more I look at this so called democracy as a form of government, the more I’m convinced it (along with the capitalist model of economics) is a failed model. Think about a country like the USA, Barack is almost held hostage by the big corporations who lobby against any reform and shovel money to legislators who will vote for their interests, and that is supposed to be a the world’s best democracy? We lost our way when Kwame Nkrumah died along with his African Socialist Ideology (Our own distinct form of marxism, not the bastard child of Marxism that communism became), in any case Africans have always had a socialist system before the scourge of colonisation, basically democracy in whatever form is just not for us, not while we have greedy old men who would rather die on the throne than retire in peace.

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