Having lived the sort of secluded peculiar life he did, it was bound to happen that his death would have tongues wagging, the grapevine buzzing and all manner of cock and bull conspiracy theories being formulated. MJ seems to be the biggest thing to happen this year, this has overshadowed Obama’s inauguration or Iran’s faulty elections and has even managed to push economic recession gloom off the airwaves, albeit temporarily.
About a quarter of all tweets had ‘Michael Jackson’ in them within a day of his death and most people on Facebook updated their profile with a reference to him or posted his videos and quite a sizeable number changed their profile pictures to one of Jacko. Predictably the most common theory is that MJ isn’t dead at all… a few main stream media organizations as well as numerous blogs and websites carry such theories and you can follow the links below to get to any that might interest you.

Personally, I think the theories are a bunch of crap as this is the same non-sense that came out, and continues to, when greats like Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Tupac died…. MJ is dead and gone, let’s celebrate his life

Russian’s claim Icon Michael Jackson was assassinated By CIA
Theory that Jacko is ‘alive’
Michael Jackson’s fateful prediction just a week before his death
Jackson Death Conspiracy
MJ conspiracy theories; unanswered questions
Jackson Conspiracy Theory
Jackson might have been chemically Manipulated for Profit
He had just pills in his stomach, was bald, bruised, his ribs broken and had 4 needle wounds near his heart

Websites dedicated to these conspiracy theories include:

Photos of MJ’s last performances here


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