Atheism and Religion; musings of a troubled heart

The American’s have inscribed on their green backs “In God we trust”, Our own national anthem starts with the words “Oh God of all creation” and Schools such as our beloved Bush are rooted in Christian values….. that is on the surface. At an individual level , I am finding it increasingly difficult to blindly bow to religious beliefs, I pray every night as a habit and often when in the doldrums silently plead under my breath for divine intervention, beyond that; I find sermons either boring regurgitations of improbable myths or religious chicanery meant to extort the ‘sheep’ or pure scare-mongering of the hell and brimstone kind that serves no purpose but to drive fear into imperfect humans who cannot outwit the various temptations on offer in this times. I find that I am questioning religion critically each passing day, I ask myself what it means to say your religion is right when it was imposed on you by foreigners who themselves had been barbarians on whom the Roman empire forced a ‘pimped’ version of a Judeo-Christian religion. How can I wholly embrace a religion that has in the past been used as a justification to classify Africans as just hairless orangutans and a race cursed to slavery and open game for heartless pillage; a religion that has over the centuries been used as justification for bloody battles in the form of crusades and the burning of hapless peasants for being witches when their only crime was to be born deformed or disabled?
I have taken to distrusting both preachers and politicians with equal measure and ignoring what they say contemptuously and disdainfully (its arrant ignorance to listen to cock and bull tales of heavenly wealth awaiting you from a tele-evangelist preaching out of his Bentley or gulf stream, asking you to donate your 50 dollars just as it is most hypocritical and pitiful to see a politician tell you about the change they will make in your life because they are your ‘brother’ and they just need your vote)
Does this quote sound believable only to me?
“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” — Denis Diderot


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  1. #1 by K-Not. on June 19, 2009 - 8:25 am

    I agree with u totally; and with that quote as well. Whats mo pissin is to see even so called learned pple embrace wholeheartedly nd blindly follow both religion nd politics. These two are disturbingly similar, especially here in Kenya, with the only difference being their basis. They both promise better lives 4 their followers in some unseen future while forcing them to give the little they hav now!! the ‘leaders’ end up with all the wealth nd power; deprivin the masses even further nd leavin to feed on a promise with little hope of fulfillment…

    • #2 by wes699 on June 19, 2009 - 1:09 pm

      you know the way it should be is that we should worship because of our love for God, instead we go to church for fear of hell….. very very sad

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