Of secretly married celibate priests and paedophiles in cassocks

Debate on whether or not catholic men of the cloth and those who have been ‘called’ should be allowed to marry has become heated lately; there have been revelations of priests living in unholy and unsanctioned alliances outrightly in disregard to church laws and in defiance of the Pope, futher to this several priest have cost the church billions in payments to boys who bore the brunt of amorous male priests who molested and sexually abused them under cover of harmlessness projected by the dog collar , some of these victims have been waiting for compensation for as long as 50 decades! Then comes the revelation that the venerated Father Kizito, a famous/infamous columnist in a Kenyan local daily and who runs a children’s home in Nairobi is allegedly a paedophile as well!

To address the celibacy issue I believe we have to acknowledge that there are two differing circumstances to consider: We need to separate between Priests who want to marry after taking a vow of celibacy and those who want to become priests but are already married. For those who knowingly took a vow of celibacy and have suddenly rediscovered their carnal urges, these should resign or be sent packing because they made a decision to be supported by the church and in turn devote full attention to clerical matters and be ready to travel anywhere at short notice. For those who want to become priests but are already married, they should show proof of how they will support their family while devoting time to tending their flock. Rogue priests who are discovered to have been living in secret unions should be forced to resign and find work like other family men.

The other dimension to the celibacy debate that deserves attention concerns the need to carry out studies on the likelihood of a correlation between celibacy and paedophilia especially in the developed world, the reason I separate the two is because i posit that in Africa a horny priest is more likely to jump on a sexually starved wife, a member of the choir or even a sister (basically a woman) or even marry secretly before he resorts to groping little altar boys, whereas in California, Boston, Germany and recently Ireland little boys seem to have been debauched at the hands of lecherous priests. If there is a connection between celibacy and an attraction to kids I believe it behooves the Pope to make a relevant edict on the soundness of tenaciously holding onto the dogma of celibacy, just as it’s my feeling the question of a ban on condoms needs to be reconsidered in light of the trying times we live in.


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  1. #1 by Lynne Newington on September 8, 2010 - 10:57 am

    Why is it Australia is never mentioned? We have well and truly had our fair share down under don’t worry about that.

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